Metaphon is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting electronic and instrumental avant garde music. It was founded in 2007 with the purpose of presenting concerts, performances and installations and for publishing audio publications and related media.

As a record label Metaphon mainly focuses on releasing archival and previously unreleased sound work by Belgian electronic music composers and sound artists from the 20th century. There is yet a lot of important and interesting material that has remained in obscurity although it is undoubtedly of significant value to our cultural and musical heritage. Metaphon endeavours to uncover these hidden treasures. (see Releases)

As a concert promoter Metaphon concentrates on contemporary soundart and related disciplines. We intend to organise several events per year at various locations according to the musical content and the specific requirements of each project. This also enhances the possibility for artists from different countries and with various backgrounds to connect, interact and create new pieces within the framework offered. (see Events)