Welcome to the Metaphon website.

Metaphon (based in Belgium) is a small independent source, publishing electronic and instrumental avant garde music from the 20th century. The primary motivation is a passion for ‘new’ music; discovering and releasing a selection of archive works by often less known composers aswel as making forgotten personal favorites available again. Metaphon also works closely with composer / percussionist Michael Ranta for publication of his archive recordings.

Founded in 2007, Metaphon was also active as concert promoter until 2012 organizing performances by ao AMM, Limpe Fuchs, Michael Ranta, Remko Scha, Hans Reichel, David Behrman, Catalogue and many more, all archived on the page Events

Since 2012 Metaphon solely exists as a record label. Publications are available through La Scie Dorée, the website/shop of musician/visual artist Timo van Luijk, inspirer of Metaphon.