Brussel Live

LP (+ bonus 7″) – Mettre à Fond BXL(X) – 2010

Highlights of their first 2 concerts in about 20 years, live in Brussels (2007-2008) organised by Metaphon, shows the trio of Artman, Berrocal and Pauvros anarchistic, powerful and controversial as ever.

LP in full colour sleeve, 300 copies,
Price: 17 euro : available through the La Scie Dorée webshop

LP + 1-sided fluo green bonus 7″ (maximum minimal rock & roll version of ‘Be bop à Lula’),
handnumbered and signed by Artman, Berrocal, Pauvros, 200 copies, SOLD OUT

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… after several years on tour in different galaxies the group returns on earth, notably in the region of Brussels. “Uncertain rockers, exacerbated freejazzmen, pranksters, Jean-François Pauvros: guitarist, Jac Berrocal: trumpeter and vocalist, Gilbert Artman: drummer and pianist are a bit of everything, rock stomping, boring the avant garde, enraging the virtuosity. Trespassing the unbreakable with the surprises of clumsiness they reach a flamboyant music. It smells like sulphur, like a desperate laugh.”


Listen to soundfiles:

Be bop a lula

Je me